If you completed the survey I sent out the other week I am sure you figured out that the focus of my new site is ideas, but I actually want to go way way way beyond just the idea stage.

Yes, ideas are hugely important when it comes to business, but what’s more important is transforming those ideas into reality - and that is the golden thread that I want to run through every aspect of the new site.

In the three decades I’ve been in business I’ve noticed that it isn’t ideas that are in short supply, but something else.

I’ll be doing a full analysis of the Idea's Survey next week, but for now, I’d like to share with you one golden nugget that I’ve spotted so far and that is that 73.98% of respondents said they were either ‘Very much an ideas person’ or ‘Quite often an ideas person’.

That means nearly three quarters of respondents consider themselves to be pretty good on the ideas front. Isn’t that awesome?

But then we get to the scary statistic of how many of those same people find it easy to transform ideas into reality. I can’t wait to share that statistic with you. You’ll be shocked. I know I was. But you might also be pleasantly surprised.

So, taking all of these findings into account, I want the site to help you in three different ways.

How the site will help - Stage 1

It all starts with ideas. There’s the initial creative process that leads to that light bulb moment, but then there’s the more important stage of getting that original seed of an idea and making it into something truly out of this world.

How the site will help - Stage 2

Next comes the reality phase.

Having a world beating idea is the first step, but if you want that idea to achieve its full potential you need to be clear of what reality truly means to you.

Do you wanting your idea to help you pay off your mortgage, or make you a multimillionaire, or do you want it to set you on the road to being the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?

How you see the reality will greatly impact on stage 3.

How the site will help - Stage 3

This is the sandwich filling between idea and reality, and it can be summed up with the word ‘transform’. How are you going to transform YOUR idea into reality?

Over the coming months I want to populate the site with useful content and make available a range of reports, books and courses to help you on the way - the first of which should be completed shortly.

I also have some ideas of my own, that will hopefully help you to transform your great ideas into reality. All being well I’ll get a chance to share those with you over the coming months.

In the meantime I could do with your help deciding what the site slogan should be. I'm leaning towards Transform Ideas into Reality or Transforming Ideas into Reality. What do you think?

And feel free to share any thoughts you have about the new site below. Please keep them positive as I feel the most important thing when it comes to ideas, and transforming ideas into reality, is to always try to be optimistic and positive. In these times where negativity seems to rule the airwaves, let's let positivity be the order of the day.

And thanks to everyone who filled out the survey. If you didn’t see the original mail here’s a link to the survey. It would be great if you could fill it out as the more respondents there are the more accurate the results will be.


Here's to generating lots of amazing ideas and transforming your amazing ideas into an amazing reality.